EDGE LORDS is a a self directed mock video game project based on the MOBA genre. The aim is to create a colorful and diverse cast of characters and environments in my personal style. The first idea I had for EDGE LORDS is that it was like a tongue in cheek riff on games like Team Fortress and Overwatch, and was born out of the idea of how saturated the market is with MOBA games, and what a MOBA directed by me would look like.

SAM is the game's medic class, her visuals were inspired by a fusion of the vision of a doctor and a futuristic military tech.

CRASHED was an indie science fiction movie about an alien crash landing on Earth, I developed the look and visual language of the alien and its technology.


I was approached to provide five background sketches for a cartoon movie pitch to Arc Productions. Each image needed to detail a particular environment, emphasising its inhabitants and overall feel.