I wanted to turn the heads of my professors and peers with my undergraduate thesis. This was my chance to self direct a personal project that would catch the eyes of the public during the graduate exhibition. I was nervous going into it, but I was aware of my strengths. I wanted to present concepts that were interesting to me, and combine them with the things I most enjoyed drawing.

"Nostrae Aetatis Daemons" (Our Modern Devils) took demons from medieval Christian writing and framed their various influences in a modern context. A demon responsible for spreading disease would embody biochemical warfare, or a demon of gluttony would be responsible for the horror of factory farming. The concept relates back to my artistic vision, translating a dark subject matter into easy to understand imagery using the aesthetic of comic books. The familiar and interesting aesthetic makes it easy to digest, but also magnifies the underlying message by using a style that is in direct contrast with the subject matter.