I became a designer/illustrator because it suited where I was coming from: video games, comic books, and online communities. I’m at my happiest when I can use my natural imaginative approach to tell stories, build worlds, and convey concepts. The aim to communicate, and make the things that resonate with people is paramount- and it just doesn’t stop at creating. Sharing the excitement for creation is an essential part of my vision. My goal is to create detailed imagery that is captivating and full of depth. I work with iconic designs and strong compositions.

An illustrator is someone who, first and foremost, can effectively communicate with images to any audience, especially those who may not be well versed in visual language. Work needs to be marketable and succinct. I want to make a career of finding and illustrating a relatable common ground that everyone can engage in.

On a typical freelance day, my morning is spent with administrative tasks like e-mails and tallying my goals. Thumbnails, scripts, and smaller parts of the creative process warm me up for the main part of my work; the creation itself. I work best under pressure, and I find that it always equals better results. Good stress is an important part of my process, so my biggest weakness is being without it. I keep busy and I like direction.

Although I have been working freelance, dependable team environments suit me and my friendliness. The prospect of a studio setting where I’m given a mixture of projects that get me out of my comfort zone, and a team to collaborate with, excites me.